Golly Auction 001 Open To All   11-Jan-2020

Please note the auction catalogue for the first Golly Auction 001 has now been published and the auction is open to all. To view the auction please download it from the Research Pages of the Golly Checklist website. Click on the download button next to the 'GOLLY AUCTION 001' item as shown ..... Read more »

GOLLY AUCTION 001 --Now Live--   04-Jan-2020

GOLLY AUCTION UPDATE: It's here! AUCTION NOW OPEN AUCTION CLOSES 1pm 18-Jan-20 The first of three GOLLY AUCTIONS planned for early 2020 is now live and ready for viewing by all GOLLY GUIDE subscribers... to view, simply log in to the Golly Guide and you will find a link on the homepage! ..... Read more »

GOLLY AUCTION Bid Form   04-Jan-2020

The Golly Auction is now live. Viewing in the first week is only open to those who hold an active subscription to the GOLLY GUIDE. Our preference is for bids to be made by email to: However, for those who prefer to bid by post, we have posted a Postal Bid form in the ..... Read more »

01-JAN-20: FB UPDATE   01-Jan-2020

FB Golly Update 1-JAN-20  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - UPDATE No. 41. Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 1-Jan-20…  This month its all about the GOLLY AUCTION! The first one is shaping up nicely and we look forward to sharing it ..... Read more »

GOLLY GUIDE UPDATE: V3.3.21   31-Dec-2019

The Golly Guide currently lists two Lollipopman Golly badges from the white waistcoat era. There are a number of differences between them and they are easy to spot. So we were intrigued when a collector recently reported a possible new Die variation. A close up of the detail is shown below... full ..... Read more »

GOLLY GUIDE UPDATE: V3.3.20   28-Dec-2019

Very pleased to be able to slip this update in amongst other bits currently underway... it concerns the white waistcoat lemon design. In particular the badge by Miller. Two versions have been in the checklist and guide for some time: [51a] Miller Type II Lemon [51b] Miller Type II Paler Lemon with ..... Read more »

GOLLY GUIDE UPDATE: V3.3.19   01-Dec-2019

Pleased to announce that today we have updated Section F Page 5 covering 'Other Promotional Paper' items including Golly Club items, blotters, storybooks, paper hats, table mats and serviettes. 38 items in total on this page alone... all in full colour.  As well as updating the images ..... Read more »

01-DEC-19: FB UPDATE   01-Dec-2019

FB Golly Update 1-DEC-19  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - UPDATE No. 40. Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 1-Dec-19…  Last month I hinted that we were working on something. Well this month I can announce our first foray into the ..... Read more »

GOLLY GUIDE UPDATE: V3.3.18   24-Nov-2019

New recipe leaflet added to Section F page 6. Item [F45a] only recently discovered, but now included for all collectors to see...... Read more »

RN1013: UPDATED   24-Nov-2019

This Research Note contains details of the orientation of the backstamps on Miller white waistcoat Golly badges. Today it has been discovered that the Miller Guitarist with Type II backstamp exists in a 'Vertical Left' orientation. The table in Research Note 1013 has been updated to reflect ..... Read more »