GOLLY GUIDE UPDATE V3.3.24   29-Feb-2020

The Golly Guide has been updated today following the discovery of another horizontally stamped backstamp on one of the 1990's badges... this time it is the Fisherman. Thank you to the collector who reported this in to us. This joins four other badges from this period which have now been ..... Read more »

GOLLY GUIDE UPDATE V3.3.23   11-Feb-2020

The Golly Guide has been updated today with further confirmation of the order in which the white waistcoat badges were issued in the immediate post WW2 period. An early shop display advert has been discovered which confirms there are 'Now three to choose from: Cricketer, Footballer, ..... Read more »

Six New Research Notes   10-Feb-2020

Today we are issuing six research notes covering Robertsons Golly Badges for collectors to investigate: RN 1015 covers the orientation of the backstamps on the F&S designs. More Research is needed here to establish exactly which designs these exist on. RN 1016 covers the famous ..... Read more »

GOLLY GUIDE UPDATE V3.3.22   09-Feb-2020

GOLLY GUIDE UPDATE v3.3.22 Pleased to announce an update to the Golly Guide today, in respect of the advice on how to clean badges. The previously recommended approach was to use a product called Spotless, however this is not longer available. After researching the market for a suitable alternative ..... Read more »

GOLLY AUCTION 002 -- Now Open To ALL--   08-Feb-2020

The Golly Auction is now open for general viewing and bidding by all collectors. To view the catalogue please visit the Research area of the website and click the download button next to the GOLLY AUCTION 002 line as shown by the red box in this picture. Good luck ..... Read more »

01-FEB-20: FB UPDATE   01-Feb-2020

UPDATE No. 42. Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 1-Feb-20… January saw the first ever GOLLY AUCTION by the Golly Checklist team complete successfully. Almost 100 badges were on offer and it was great to see so many people taking part. Up for ..... Read more »

GOLLY AUCTION 002 ---Now Live---   01-Feb-2020

GOLLY AUCTION 002 Now ready to view The first 40 badges in the GOLLY AUCTION 002 are now available to view. This covers the white waistcoat period with a range of different designs and manufacturers all at low reserve prices. Great chance to fill a gap and maybe pick up a bargain. The remaining 60 ..... Read more »

GOLLY AUCTION T&C's   13-Jan-2020

GOLLY AUCTION UPDATE: For those collectors who do not have an active Golly Guide subscription and wish to bid in the Golly Auction which is currently underway, please note, the Terms and Conditions of the auction are now available for download from the Research Area of the Website. Good Luck..... Read more »

Golly Auction 001 Open To All   11-Jan-2020

Please note the auction catalogue for the first Golly Auction 001 has now been published and the auction is open to all. To view the auction please download it from the Research Pages of the Golly Checklist website. Click on the download button next to the 'GOLLY AUCTION 001' item as shown ..... Read more »

GOLLY AUCTION 001 --Now Live--   04-Jan-2020

GOLLY AUCTION UPDATE: It's here! AUCTION NOW OPEN AUCTION CLOSES 1pm 18-Jan-20 The first of three GOLLY AUCTIONS planned for early 2020 is now live and ready for viewing by all GOLLY GUIDE subscribers... to view, simply log in to the Golly Guide and you will find a link on the homepage! ..... Read more »