01-APR-2020: FB UPDATE   18-Apr-2020

MAJOR GOLLY ANNOUNCEMENT After months of testing and dozens of rebuilds it gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of the NEW GOLLY AUCTION which is built directly into the main Golly Checklist website. Accessible from the main menu bar of the Golly Checklist..... Read more »

GOLLY AUCTION 003: Now Closed   14-Mar-2020

GOLLY AUCTION 003: ---Auction Closed--- Thanks to all those who placed bids. I will be in touch with every bidder before 5pm tonight to confirm how you got on. The last three Golly Auctions have been a great opportunity for us to assess the demand and consider whether to develop this initiative ..... Read more »

GOLLY GUIDE UPDATE V3.3.26   08-Mar-2020

We have had a further report of another 1990's badge with an 'upside-down' backstamp and a number of additional mispainted and unpainted badges from this era. Thes have all been added to the 1990's Notes page in the Golly Guide. If you have any further examples of these ..... Read more »

Golly Auction 003   07-Mar-2020

Now available for general viewing and bidding by all. Once again a great opportunity to bag a bargain... 1980's Golfer with metal club from £2, Golly Club badge from £10, the newly reported W/W lollipopman with broken 'H' (possible new Die) from £5 and a Marples and ..... Read more »

GOLLY GUIDE UPDATE V3.3.25   04-Mar-2020

Following Saturday's report of the 1990's Fisherman with a vertical backstamp we have had further reports of a number of other 1990's variations which are worthy of note... these include two examples of badges with 'upside-down' backstamps and an example of a further mispainted ..... Read more »

New Backstamp On RED BAGPIPER   01-Mar-2020

RN1018: The Miller Red Bagpiper is one of the most desirable of all the Bagpipers from the White Waistcoat era, it is only found in the earlier Miller Type I backstamp. It has recently been reported in two distinct jacket colours - a light and dark blue. (see RN1018 for details). Further reports are..... Read more »

01-MAR-20: FB UPDATE   01-Mar-2020

FB Golly Update 1-MAR-20 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - UPDATE No. 43. Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 1-Mar-20… Nice to see a number of new members joining the Robertson’s Badge Club this month. For those who aren’t aware, ..... Read more »

GOLLY GUIDE UPDATE V3.3.24   29-Feb-2020

The Golly Guide has been updated today following the discovery of another horizontally stamped backstamp on one of the 1990's badges... this time it is the Fisherman. Thank you to the collector who reported this in to us. This joins four other badges from this period which have now been ..... Read more »

GOLLY GUIDE UPDATE V3.3.23   11-Feb-2020

The Golly Guide has been updated today with further confirmation of the order in which the white waistcoat badges were issued in the immediate post WW2 period. An early shop display advert has been discovered which confirms there are 'Now three to choose from: Cricketer, Footballer, ..... Read more »

Six New Research Notes   10-Feb-2020

Today we are issuing six research notes covering Robertsons Golly Badges for collectors to investigate: RN 1015 covers the orientation of the backstamps on the F&S designs. More Research is needed here to establish exactly which designs these exist on. RN 1016 covers the famous ..... Read more »