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FB Golly Update 1-DEC-19

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UPDATE No. 40.

Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 1-Dec-19… 

Last month I hinted that we were working on something. Well this month I can announce our first foray into the world of the GOLLY AUCTION! With the demise of ebay in 2015 the potential for this is huge, but its an enormous commitment with a significant financial outlay. So to get it right we are going to start small and test the water. If all goes well and it proves popular we will invest further with the hope that one day we can launch our very own stand alone alternative to eBay just for Golly items!

For those who remember the postal badge auctions of the 1990’s and 2000’s the format will be similar except all bids will be processed by email. To begin with we will just hold three auctions of around 100 items each. The list for these will be published inside the Golly Guide on a dedicated page. Non-subscribers will be able to view the auction catalogue via email or download from the GollyChecklist website and welcome to bid but they will be subject to additional fees. The fee structure for the first three auctions will be very simple:


SELLERS pay 10% of the sales price

BUYERS pay 10% of the sales price

BUYERS who subscribe to the GOLLY GUIDE pay 0% of the sales price!

Thats right, if you place a winning bid in the auction and hold a current subscription to the online Golly Guide you pay just postage and packaging and no further fees.

The first auction will be held early in 2020. Exact date to be announced before the end of the year. If anyone is interested in selling any items please let us know by emailing info@gollychecklist.co.uk

In other news, as its Christmas and we only have a small number of Golly Checklist’s left we are having a pre-Christmas clearout. For one week only, there is no postage to pay on any Golly Checklist purchased between 1-Dec-19 and 7-Dec-19 (direct purchase only, please do not purchase through the website, instead please pay £20 via paypal friends and family to design@zanny.co.uk and your full postal address. Limited availability. first come first served).


In other news, during the last month we have managed to completely update Section F pages 5 and 7 from the online Robertson's Golly Guide and include two new recipe leaflet items in F:page6. Only one more page to compete in Section F (page 11) then that section is complete. Can't wait!


To subscribe to the Golly Guide and take advantage of 0% fees in the forthcoming Golly Auction please visit the SHOP page:



Please note, you will need an active PayPal account to subscribe (please log in to your PayPal account and check that your linked card details are correct, we have had a number of queries raised from collectors not able to subscribe only for them to discover their linked cards had expired)

Please do not ‘register’ using the ‘Sign In/ Sign Up’ link on top left of the site. I am getting this removed as there is nothing to register for! To subscribe to the Golly Guide you need to do so via the shop page.


That's all for this month...


See you next month for another update!