Golly Guide UPDATE: V3.3.10   03-Sep-2019

Following the discovery of a number of new price cards recently. These have been added to the Golly Guide. See section B page 2 - items [B3ic] and [B4b-2]. We have also confirmed the price of the 1lb jar on one of the earliest price cards [B2a-2]. Shown here for your information. (Not shown in the ..... Read more »

01-SEP-19: FB UPDATE   03-Sep-2019

FB Golly Update 1-SEP-19 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - UPDATE No. 37. Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 1-Sep-19…  This month the updates to the Golly Guide saw a major update early in the month followed by a number of smaller tweaks ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE: V3.3.09   25-Aug-2019

Following further reports from collectors we have included a small number of additional images to the 'Plastic Golly' page. This includes: The first image of PG8 (blue on white) The first image of PG12 (black on red) An updated image of PG15 (red on white) Also included in the notes is ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE: V3.3.08   21-Aug-2019

Minor addition to Page 1 of the Golly Balloon badges, showing the Soft Sell Ltd backstamp on BA7g. In due course we look forward to providing more detailed images of all balloon badges to assist collectors to identify all genuine and fake items in the range of offical Robertsons Balloon badges (BA1 ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE: V3.3.07   20-Aug-2019

The Plastic Gollies have received a significant overhaul today. Listed in the "Badges >> Plastic Shaped Golly Badges" section, they have been significantly expanded to include all examples currently known to exist. In addition, for the first time, we show the backs of all known ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE: V3.3.06   19-Aug-2019

Today I'm pleased to announce a new postcard has been added to Secion F page 8b. This is confirmed as a postcard (and not just a photo). We have added it to the unofficial post card page. It is a great image of a wartime Thornycroft 'J' Type truck with solid wheels and shows the early ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE: V3.3.05   18-Aug-2019

Another minor update to the Golly Guide today... we have added a lovely image of a two storey inflatable Golly figure outside Forest Lodge, Keston, Kent from the late 1970's. You can find this in Section F page 2. As mentioned in a previous post, this was the HQ of Robertson's at this time, ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE: V3.3.04   17-Aug-2019

We were recently contacted by a leading collector who was investigating some of the details on the Viota Baker in precious metal. There are a number of pages in the Golly Guide devoted to these important items. The main page showing the Viota Baker badges and tie pins in Silver and Gold is located ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE: V3.3.03   16-Aug-2019

Another minor update today. Amongst the images I've been sorting through I found a decimal currency calculator so I've listed it at item [B23b]. Its in Section B page 9. Its a nice little item, I've never only seen one. Anyone else come across this item before? ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE: V3.3.02   15-Aug-2019

Today's little update captures the details of a conversation which took place on this group a few months back... involving the early tin golly, but this one was in the figure of a lady. Clearly not Robertsons but from the same era. there were some interesting comments in the discussion between ..... Read more »