golly checklist,  golly checklistThe history of the Robertson’s Golly has been extensively investigated since the 1980’s and the vast majority of items have now been catalogued in the Golly Checklist, which is widely recognised as the authoritative guide to all items connected to the Robertson’s Golly.

These range from the scarcest prototypes of which only a single example is known to exist, to items which were produced in their tens of thousands. Many were made in connection with the badge collecting scheme whilst others were produced for a particular audience such as the crew of the minesweeper HMS Crichton or Robertson’s own sales reps. The Checklist has been produced with the help of some of the world’s leading collectors – too numerous to mention individually – and the work is still ongoing. Despite significant research we don’t claim to know everything about the Robertson’s Golly.

Robertson’s retained their famous mascot for over 80 years and sold their products as far afield as Australia and Malaysia so it’s not surprising that there are still unrecorded items out there and we are always happy to hear from collectors and answer additional queries (although regrettably we are unable to offer a valuation service).

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 golly checklist,  golly checklistIn the course of our research we often encounter items which pose more questions than they answer. The team behind the Golly Checklist maintain a list of active research topics which they intend to investigate in future time permitting or when additional items are found which provide some of the answers.

We make no secret of these topics which are all in the Research Log below. Additional detail are in the individual Research Notes. Click on the arrows next to each topic to download. We encourage anyone who wishes play an active part in the development of the Golly Checklist to undertake and submit their own research in these areas or suggest new topics to be added.

Fixed Price Golly Shop
Golly Badges
Updated 10-Jul-22
Golly Checklist v7 ADDENDUM
Printed Checklist
Updated 25-Aug-18
Research Log
All areas
Updated 10-Feb-20
RN 0006
Backstamps - GREENS Footballer
Updated 1-Feb-18
RN 1002
Backstamps - FATTORINI [3] variations
Updated 18-Aug-19
RN 1003
Backstamps - FATTORINI [5] variations (F&S)
Updated 1-Sep-16
RN 1005
W/W Badges - Jacket Variations
Updated 16-Aug-19
RN 1008
Backstamps - GAUNT large & small
Updated 9-Oct-19
RN 1009
W/W Badges - REEVES Silver & Gold
Updated 1-Nov-16
RN 1013
Backstamps - MILLER orientation
Updated 24-Nov-19
RN 1014
Backstamps - GOMM orientation
Updated 1-Mar-17
RN 1015
Fattorini backstamp orientation
Updated 1-Mar-2020
RN 1016
DINGLEY Standard
Updated 09-Feb-2020
RN 1017
'.R.' Backstamps
Updated 09-Feb-2020
RN 1018
Miller Jacket Colours
Updated 01-Mar-2020
RN 1019
Gomm Scout - New Die Variation?
Updated 09-Feb-2020
RN 3001
Backstamps - 1980 No Name
Updated 20-Apr-20
RN 4001
Backstamps - 1990
Updated 4-Jul-18
RN 5002
Backstamps 1993/96
Updated 2-Jul-17
RN 5003
1993/96 Ballerina SMALL
Updated 09-Feb-2020
RN 6001
BADGES - TGGG White Mouth
Updated 20-Apr-20
RN 7002
BADGES - Plastic Gollies
Updated 6-Dec-17
RN 11000
Paper Bags [B10]
Updated 1-AUG-18
RN 13001
Silver Crane Mugs
Updated 17-Jul-17
RN 13000
Silver Crane backstamps
Updated 1-May-17
RN 15000
F83 Original Badge Cards
Updated 10-Dec-17
RN 15001
F: Medal Cards [F10]
Updated 3-Feb-18
RN 18000
I: Dodo bandsmen - Colours
Updated 1-Sep-17
RN 18002
I: Figurines inc Wade
Updated 1-Feb-18
RN 23000
N9a: Pencil Sharpeners - Colours
Updated 1-Sep-17

To suggest a new research topic please contact us

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You, the collector, can help by reporting anything you feel needs to be added or amended using the form below. A photograph or digital image is vital to really see what is being described. Please supply clear images of front and reverse of all items.

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Under DevelopmentUnder Development

Further developments to the research area of the Golly Checklist website include:

  • Golly Logbook - the golly logbook will contain a list of genuine Robertsons items that do not make it onto the formal Checklist. Considered more as curios that add interest to a collection as opposed to genuine issued variations that might be considered more collectable, these items are often mispaints, miscuts, unusual one off colour variations or produced through a lack of quality control. Inclusion of these items in a collection are perfectly valid and help collectors create a unique collection of genuine robertsons golly items.
  • Fakes Register – a list of all reproduced and counterfeit badges with the golly image that did not have Robertson’s official authorisation. This is intended to help new collectors to avoid a costly mistake. The majority of these items were produced following the golly’s demise and are easily identifiable from the genuine items. Additional guidance on fakes is given in the Golly Checklist.

The development of these pages will depend on feedback from collectors and the progress of research in these areas.

Collectors are reminded that the Robertson’s Golly remains a trademarked image and any attempts to imitate, reproduce or falsify without permission from the owners is illegal.