GOLLY AUCTION 004 UPDATEnewsblog20-Apr-2020


Bidding is now underway in Golly Auction 004.

This is the first auction that is directly from the Golly Checklist website using the newly built functionality. I'm pleased to say the early indications are positive. Most bidders have got the hang of it and the auction is proceeding as planned.

Please note all bids are in WHOLE POUNDS ONLY. No need to enter a decimal place... in fact the decimal place has been banned so you can't enter it.

As mentioned previously. The Golly Auctions will initially focus on the higher value items (those expected to achieve £30 or more). These will be the higher rarity items 3-6. In the first auction sees three prewar items (including the GREENS Footballer), three nice white waistcoat footballers (of which one is the desirable Fattorini Dimple backstamp), three Fattorini designs from the 1970's and a very nice looking Cystic Fibrosis Special promotion from the 1980's.

Good luck to all those taking part.

The auction finishes at 9pm on Saturday 25-April 2020.