GOLLY AUCTION 003: Now Closednewsblog14-Mar-2020


---Auction Closed---

Thanks to all those who placed bids. I will be in touch with every bidder before 5pm tonight to confirm how you got on.

The last three Golly Auctions have been a great opportunity for us to assess the demand and consider whether to develop this initiative in future. We have learnt alot and will now reflect on it for a period before deciding on the next steps. One option is not to proceed with the Golly Auctions, another is to invest in a more automated solution integrated into the Golly Checklist website, a third possibility is to launch a completely independent version of the Golly Auction in a dedicated website, with its own branding, marketing and admin team which are separate from the Golly Checklist team. Once we have had chance to consider all the options we will confirm our thoughts back to you all. As usual you will be able to hear any announcements first in the Robertsons Badge Club FB group.