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FB Golly Update 1-JAN-20

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UPDATE No. 41.

Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 1-Jan-20… 

This month its all about the GOLLY AUCTION! The first one is shaping up nicely and we look forward to sharing it with you in due course. We will keep the format simple for the first three auctions… present the badges to you with full colour images of front and reverse with clear descriptions, a reserve price and a guide price and leave the bidding up to you. The bidding period will end one week from when the auction is released to the general public, with Golly Guide subscribers granted advance viewing from within the Golly Guide one week prior to this.


As a reminder about the fee structure:

SELLERS pay 10% of the sales price

BUYERS pay 10% of the sales price

BUYERS who subscribe to the GOLLY GUIDE pay 0% of the sales price!


Thats right, if you place a winning bid in the auction and hold a current subscription to the online Golly Guide you pay just postage and packaging and no further fees.

Non-subscribers will be able to view the auction catalogue via email or download from the GollyChecklist website and welcome to bid.

The date of the first auction to be announced in the next few days!

(Note to sellers: All three auctions are now full please do not send in any further items, once these three auctions have concluded we will consider the best way forward for future sales/auctions)


There has been a noticeable increase in the number of collectors researching their hobby over the past month and reporting any anomalies and variations either through this FB group or direct to the Golly Checklist team (at info@gollychecklist.co.uk). This is great to see. As well as the interesting anomaly on the white waistcoat  (‘W/W’) Lollipopman which was announced yesterday, other ‘discoveries’ include a backstamp variation on the REV GOMM W/W bagpiper, a new colour shade on the jacket of the desirable Miller W/W Red bagpiper, an new orientation of the Miller type II backstamp on the W/W Guitarist, an updated image of the W/W lemon and possible new backstamp variations on some of the wonderful and highly collectable prewar designs (golfers and fruits) - noted for further research and will form the basis of future updates. 

(I’m aware of the significant amount of jargon in the above paragraph, so for any new collectors wondering what it all means… all is revealed in the latest Golly Checklist which provides full details with images and notes on all genuine Robertsons Golly Badges and Pendants and advise on how to spot and avoid the fakes).

As time is a limited commodity though, there is a trade-off between developing new avenues (like the Golly Auctions) and providing more updates to the Golly Guide, so December only sees three updates to the GG. The first came on 1-Dec-19 and saw Page 5 of section F fully updated with 11 new items (did anyone spot the two versions of the blotter F22a or the invitations to the centenary events in 1964?). The second update was to provide an image of the Miller lemon with smaller writing for the first time (item [F51b] - thanks again to Steve Hancock). Finally, the third update was to the W/W lollipopmans… does anyone else have the version with split ‘H’ in SHRED?

So 2020 has kicked off with a bit of a buzz in the Golly collecting community… new things are taking shape and a number of exciting developments are in the pipeline. I have a feeling its going to be a good year!

That's all for this month...

See you next month for another update!


To subscribe to the Golly Guide and take advantage of 0% fees in the forthcoming Golly Auction please visit the SHOP page:



Please note, you will need an active PayPal account to subscribe (please log in to your PayPal account and check that your linked card details are correct, we have had a number of queries raised from collectors not able to subscribe only for them to discover their linked cards had expired!)