01-APR-2020: FB UPDATEnewsblog18-Apr-2020

After months of testing and dozens of rebuilds it gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of the NEW GOLLY AUCTION which is built directly into the main Golly Checklist website.

Accessible from the main menu bar of the Golly Checklist website you now have the ability to place bids using your single Golly Guide subscription. The most noticeable features of the new auction are as follows:
  1. Auto-incremental bidding: simply place your highest bid and let the system do the rest. If you are the highest bidder you will only ever pay one increment above the next highest bidder
  2. Soft close feature: if any item has a bid placed on it in the last 5 minutes of the auction, the end time will be extended by 5 minutes from the time of the last bid. No need to worry about snipers any more. Plenty of time to consider if you wish to continue in the auction.
  3. auto enlarge images: simply click to see a full size close up of the item for sale
Please review the terms and conditions on Auction page of the Golly Checklist website for full details.
We intend to host monthly Golly Auctions focussing on the higher value items. With all auctions finishing on the last Saturday in every month. The first auction will be start on Saturday 18-April-2020. Viewing of all items is available NOW!

Full details of the auction fees are detailed in the terms and conditions but in brief:
SELLERS pay 0% if badges consigned with NIL reserve
OR 4% is badges consigned with reserve prices

BUYERS pay 8% + P&P if they hold a paid subscription to the Golly Guide at midnight the day before the auction begins.
OR pay 16% + P&P if they do not hold a current Golly Guide subscription.

Golly Guide subscriptions cost only £12pa and give access to tens of thousands of genuine Robertsons Golly Items all in full colour. Visit the Golly Checklist shop to take out a subscription.

The auctions will focus on higher value items which the auction house estimates the final value as being £30 or above. This will obviously be the more scarce items of Rarity 3-6.

I'm pleased to say we have ten wonderful items in the first months auctions which are now available to view:
+ all of them are rarity 3 or higher
+ all of them offered at £1 reserve!
+ great chance to add to your collection...

I will provide further details on the Golly Auction over the next few days but I think thats enough for now. Feel free to ask any questions...

Enjoy, stay safe and for anyone planning to bid... Good Luck!