Have you seen... the placeholders?   As announced on Friday, Section B in the on-line Golly Guide has had a MAJOR update...we have left placeholders in the tables to allow further reported items to be slotted in and I’m pleased to say that we have already received reports into the ..... Read more »

Coming Soon...   17-Oct-2018

COMING SOON - Golly Guide Section B: contains a wide array of Shop items covering price cards, leaflets, price lists, paper bags, posters, adverts, display figures and more... we have overhauled this section and soon it will contain dozens of new items in more detail than ever before. Not long to ..... Read more »

1-OCT-18 FB Update   14-Oct-2018

FB Golly Update 1-OCT-18 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -   UPDATE No. 26.   Monthly update on the progress of the Golly reference material and other topics. Here is my monthly update for 1-OCT-18… THE JL COLLECTION (BACKGROUND: Jerry Loader was a prominent collector who ..... Read more »

1-Sep-18 FB Update   14-Sep-2018

FB Golly Update 1-SEP-18 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - UPDATE No. 25. Monthly update on the progress of the Golly reference material and other topics. Here is my monthly update for 1-SEP-18…   Good to see some more new members joining this month. Not least, one of the founding ..... Read more »

Golly Checklist V7 ADDENDUM   22-Aug-2018

The 7th Golly Checklist has now been available for over a year and we have received many positive comments in support of this material. Thanks to all those who have fed back  queries and questions on this material. This is the best way to help us to develop it going forward. We have now ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE V3.0.12   15-Aug-2018

Today we have a very special update after the discovery of a Robertson's Salt Cellar in a design based on the rare Silver Viota Baker. This item was apparently produced only for use by the most Senior members of the company and is listed as item [D55] under Tableware in the Golly Guide...... Read more »

1-Aug-18 FB Update   15-Aug-2018

Golly FB Group Update  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The 'Robertsons Badge Club' is an active Facebook Group of enthusiasts, interested in collecting Robertsons Badges and memorabilia. To join the group, log into your facebook account and search for the "Robertsons Badge ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE V3.0.10   27-Jul-2018

This week we have updated dozens of images in the 'Writing and School Equipment' section of the Robertson's Golly Guide [Section N] to show a more comprehensive range of items available. This includes showing all erasers [N10], pencil sharpeners [N9] alongside the pencil toppers ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE V3.0.09   20-Jul-2018

This week we have been hard at work taking a close look at the Glassware items in section D. We have identified three new items which have been included [DG7, 8 & 9] as well as adding in additional images of some of the Silver Crane Golly Mugs [D1] which were previously missing... and not only ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE: V3.0.08   15-Jul-2018

This weekend we have made two further updates to the online digital Golly Guide - a new version of the 'Golly Cycling Sense' poster has been added (item G6c-1]) along with 4 new Bramble Seedless Recipe Leaflets (items [F46]) and a completely new page showing the Robertsons Military..... Read more »