01-JUN-19: UPDATE   01-Jun-2019

FB Golly Update 1-JUN-19  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - UPDATE No. 34. Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 1-Jun-19…  The main news this month is the price reduction of the online Golly Guide. As the majority of our initial setup ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE: V3.2.23   31-May-2019

An unofficial postcard of four Golly balloons exists which was reproduced from a watercolour by Nigel Milton. This was produced as a limited edition of 500 postcards in 1996. It has since been discovered that three similar watercolours were produced by the same artist. These are shown in the Golly ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE: V3.2.22   30-May-2019

'Original badge Cards' have been used since the prewar era to pin the badges onto ready for issuing out. They are mainly from the prewar period but some post-war badges are also known to have been issued on these cards. Two main types of card were used: the first is listed in the Guide as ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE: V3.2.21   29-May-2019

Recently we published details of all Company Accounts and Chairman's Reports which we know about. These are listed as [F6] which is on page 2 in Section F. These are difficult items to find as they were not distributed amongst Golly badge collectors so the majority issued were not retained. To ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE: V3.2.20   29-May-2019

Today we have added a new Paper Application Form to the Guide. Similar to an existing one [B11-9a1] however it has 'RASPBERRY spelt correctly. ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE: V3.2.19   24-May-2019

Further to last week's update on Section F Page 2: Robertson's Company Paperwork. We have now included over a dozen images of Robertson's Report and Accounts, and Chairman's reports from the 1970's and 1980's. Undoubtedly there are more out there, but for now we have listed ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE: V3.2.18   17-May-2019

Another update for Section F today. We have reformatted and updated the page showing Robertson's Company Paperwork. In addition to increasing the resolution of many of the original images in this section, we have also added many new items --- Check out Section F page 2 to see the updated page: ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE: V3.2.17   03-May-2019

Following some additional reports from collectors, we are pleased to confirm the discovery of two new items: these are a new paper bag new Paper Bag [B10.A-4j] and a beautiful Tin Sign. Listed in the Enamel signs section R as [R0], this remarkable item is the earliest known Robertson's sign ever..... Read more »

01-MAY-19: UPDATE   01-May-2019

FB Golly Update 1-MAY-19  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - UPDATE No. 33. Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 1-May-19…    Welcome to all new collectors this month. Great to see the membership of this Facebook group continue to ..... Read more »

Golly Guide UPDATE: V3.2.16   26-Apr-2019

Today we have published the updated page for the Robertson's Stationery items. The formatting of this page has had a complete overhaul, with all images increased in resolution and a number of new items added in there --- Check out Section F page 1 to see the full page. There are now over 15 ..... Read more »