GOLLY GUIDE UPDATE: v3.3.20newsblog28-Dec-2019

Very pleased to be able to slip this update in amongst other bits currently underway... it concerns the white waistcoat lemon design. In particular the badge by Miller. Two versions have been in the checklist and guide for some time:

[51a] Miller Type II Lemon
[51b] Miller Type II Paler Lemon with smaller writing.

We have only had an image of one of these [51a] and I have been trying to track down an image of [51b] for a while. Although it was a low priority job as I never believed it to be that rare ... but every time I checked any of the ones out that I have, it was never that obvious.

Anyway I’m pleased to say that a keen collector has chipped away at this for a number of months now and recently supplied us with an image of [51b]. The relevant page in the Golly Guide has now been updated with this image, which is also reproduced below for any non-subscribers. The two designs are compared side by side in the Guide.

Great work!