Golly Guide UPDATE: v3.3.14newsblog01-Oct-2019

It's finally ready for tasting ... Section F page 6... recipe leaflets and booklets now completed after several months of work. All items rescanned, all images enlarged and higher resolution, further variations added (one example of [F47f] shown below) and a number of new items included. 

Two Variations on Item [F47f]

In order to group the similar items together, items previously numbered [F60 - F63] have been renumbered [F47 - F48]. 

This page now includes 59 recipe leaflets - 18 of which appear for the first time - and 12 recipe booklets (2 of which are new). Additional variations of some of the individual recipe leaflets have been discovered with full details and close-ups in the notes section as usual. We know there are more items from this area out there, we have only included all known reported items and variations, so if anyone has any new pieces please let us know.

Whilst building the content for this page we have received input from a number of collectors so thank you to all those who assisted. We now store images in a full size 600dpi high resolution version. Part of the reason for the length of time it takes to produce a page like this is the amount of work required on the images. The benefit however, is that if (and when) we decide to produce a printed version of this material we have sufficiently detailed images to do this with (don't hold your breath though, another printed Checklist is a while off). For this page alone we now hold over 230 images in the archive.

Work will continue on the other pages remaining in Section F shortly, but I might just sit back and check this page out with a cup of tea and slice of cake... anyone for a Robertson's Bramble Seedless Layer Pudding [F47g]?

Item [47g] from the Golly Guide