Golly Guide UPDATE: v3.3.07newsblog20-Aug-2019

The Plastic Gollies have received a significant overhaul today. Listed in the "Badges >> Plastic Shaped Golly Badges" section, they have been significantly expanded to include all examples currently known to exist. In addition, for the first time, we show the backs of all known plastic Gollies. Keen collectors will notice two new designs have been added to the list ([PG20] and [PG21]). A big thank you to those collectors for taking the images, and others for allowing access to the badges in their collections. 

We have now provided frontal images of 17 of the 21 designs, and reverse images of 14. If anyone can assist with the remaining few please do let us know and we will provide them for the benefit of all subscribers.

If anyone would like to join the growing army of collectors who have 24hr access to the thousands of genuine Robertsons Golly items in the Golly Guide please visit the Golly Checklist shop at: www.gollychecklist.co.uk/shop