Golly Guide UPDATE: v3.3.05newsblog18-Aug-2019

Another minor update to the Golly Guide today... we have added a lovely image of a two storey inflatable Golly figure outside Forest Lodge, Keston, Kent from the late 1970's. You can find this in Section F page 2. As mentioned in a previous post, this was the HQ of Robertson's at this time, but when they were taken over by Avana in 1982 all that changed and the building was promptly put up for sale.

Also added to this page was an early employee handbook from the Droylsden factory. Dated 1919, this means we now have an image of an employee handbook from each of the 4 factories (Droylsden, Paisley, Bristol and Catford).

Its also worth mentioning that another collector has sent in a lovely high resolution clear image of the backstamps on his Fattorini bobble back Standards (shown below). Figuring out exactly how many of these designs were made will be quite a complex task so we will need the help of all collectors. If you have any of these badges in your collection and would like to assist it would be great if you could take a similar image (probably easiest to include all badges in a single clear, straight image for now). If I receive any more I will store them in the reearch Note 1002 for others to download and view.