Golly Guide UPDATE: v3.3.04newsblog17-Aug-2019

We were recently contacted by a leading collector who was investigating some of the details on the Viota Baker in precious metal. There are a number of pages in the Golly Guide devoted to these important items. The main page showing the Viota Baker badges and tie pins in Silver and Gold is located off the 1980's badge page, but there is also a 'Viota' page link in Section B with further general information on the Viota promotion... this page also shows some extra special items which were only discovered very recently - the Silver Salt Cellar [D55a] and Silver Mustard Pot with Spoon [D55b].

Much of this information was only discovered in the last few years and it's one of my favourite pages in the Golly Guide. Not least because it shows all Viota items on a single page. Did you know that along with the Acrylic Viota Baker badge there are 3 Gold Viota Baker items and 6 Silver items! Anyway, the reason for this update is that when I checked this page out I realised I hadn't updated the menu bar and format of it when I updated the rest of Section B a few months ago... so this has now been done. I have also added a few extra Viota shelf labels and increased the image size of these wonderful items. Hope you like them as much as I do!