Golly Guide UPDATE: v3.3.01newsblog14-Aug-2019

As I'm starting the final pages in Section F I am having a bit of a sort out. I'm adding a few little bits into the Golly Guide as I find them so you can expect a few mini updates over the next few days. Today I'm not actually adding anything to Section F... instead it's the Golly Balloon Badges. Two regular contributors sent in details in this area in the past so I'm pleased to have included them today. They include a new variety of BA1 (with a different REV Gomm backstamp) and new images of the Soft Sell backstamps on BA8g and BA9g to help collectors identify the real thing. An image of BA16 with metal heads has also been sent in. See the Golly Balloon Badge pages for details. 

Making these two updates does give rise to more questions though... hopefully someone out there can help:
1. What backstamp is on the BA1a balloon badge (thats the brass version). Is it "B'HAM" or "BHAM 1" or do both appear? A clear flat image would be great if anyone can supply one?
2. We have had it confirmed that BA8g is known with no backstamp. Does BA9g also exist in a no backkstamp version?
3. Which other balloon badges exist with Soft Sell Ltd backstamp? Anyone got a BA7g with Soft Sell backstamp??

Another regular contributor has given some good advice on the blue shades of jacket colours in the white waistcoat era. This is something we will look at in more detail once we get back round to the Badge sections... that doesn't stop you investigating your collections to see if you have any of the 'very light blue' or 'very dark blue' shades. The Research Note 1005 has been updated with a helpful image on this (shown below)

Finally, the Fattorini bobble back Standards from the White Waistcoat period are known to come in a range of different bobble patterns. But how many are there? Check out Research Note 1005 for some detailed images. Do you have any of these? 
Thanks to all those who contributed this information.