Golly Guide UPDATE: v3.2.22newsblog30-May-2019

'Original badge Cards' have been used since the prewar era to pin the badges onto ready for issuing out. They are mainly from the prewar period but some post-war badges are also known to have been issued on these cards. Two main types of card were used: the first is listed in the Guide as [F82b] and reads "The World's Best" whilst the second is [F83c] and says "Eat & Enjoy". A number of variations of both are known. One of the fonts of the "Eat & Enjoy" cards is listed as 'Old-style' font and is thought to be the earliest card of it's type. However, no equivalent "World's Best" card with a similar font has ever been found... until now!

We recently received reports of a new Original Badge Card from a leading collector after he purchased a selection of prewar badges. As this is thought to be the earliest 'World's Best" card we have taken the decision to place it as [F83-b1] and increase all the other numbers by one.  For full details and images see Section F Page 10b.

In addition, to this we are also pleased to publish a second 'Original Badge Card' which was found in the estate of a leading collector and is notable for the item which was still pinned to it. Not only is the card thought to be a prototype, but the item pinned to it is almost certainly a one-off Golly prototype design. This is shown in the the notes section on Page 10 Section F. Enjoy!

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Shown below is a selection of the 'Original Badge Cards' on pg10b Section F: