GOLLY GUIDE: Section Bnewsblog30-Oct-2018

Have you seen... the new numbering system?

The numbering of items in section B has been updated in various places. Take page 3 for example. This is the Price Lists [B8]. We expect there are many more out there to discover. To allow for them to be slotted into the existing table we needed a new numbering system which could easily allow for this. They retain the main number [B8] but instead of being given letters as previously ([B8a], [B8b], [B8c] etc) the new numbering is based on the date of the item.


For example: The attractive price list [B8i] (shown here) is dated Jan-1959. It has a new number of [B8-1959-01-A]. Further details on the renumbering is given in the notes on this page.

There are now 18 price lists in this section of which 4 have been newly added. If you have any which aren’t listed please let us know.

All ‘old’ numbers are given in the tables  for backwards compatibility.

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