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UPDATE No. 29.

Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 6-Jan-19… 

Happy New Year everyone!

Nice to see new members continuing to join the group. Some just starting their collection whilst others have substantial collections already. There are now over 200 members of this grou!.

Due to the Christmas break there is not a great deal to update the group on since last month. The updates to the Golly Guide continue, with the focus firmly on Section F. Recently I have been taking a close look at the Greetings Cards [F81], Bus Tickets [F82] and Original badge Cards [F83]. The bus tickets in particular are a bit of a minefield and there will be a lot more detail in this area once the page is complete.

Those who have checked out Section F recently will notice that the whole Section has been taken down as it is being re-written and updated. The plan is to publish each individual page as it is finished off over the coming weeks and months. The total number of pages in this section is being increased from 5 to 11 with supplementary pages on top. We are a good way through some of the pages. The reason for the increase in pages is obviously because we have quite a bit of new content to add to these sections. Not least from the Jerry Loader collection, but also from the archives and numerous new items reported in from collectors.

Some pages, such as those containing company invoices, will only ever contain a fraction of what is available but we hope to give a number of new examples whilst other pages will become a bit more comprehensive. We look forward to sharing these with you in due course… thanks for bearing with us on this!



For any new members interested in finding out more about the badges and pendants, the Golly Checklist is for you. Now in its 7th edition it contains details of ALL official Robertson's Golly badges and pendants, ever issued by this famous company. Including:

  + extensive guidance on rarity,

  + clear images of all backstamps

  + detailed notes on variations 

  + advice on cleaning your badges

  + how to avoid the fakes

  + over 100 full colour images

Copies can only be purchased online via the official website: 



This is also the place to access the online Golly Guide - the most comprehensive record of all official Robertsons Golly related items ever attempted. With over 10,000 full colour images  and over 20 different sections, the Golly Guide contains details of thousands of official items released or approved by Robertson's over 80 years. The subscription cost is currently £26pa for the first year, with a significant reduction for future renewals.

That's all for this month...

See you next month for the next update!

Example of a page from the Golly Guide Section F shown below: