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FB Golly Update 1-OCT-19

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UPDATE No. 38.

Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 1-Oct-19…

A little later than expected this month, wasn’t able to hit the usual 1st of the month with my update, but no-one seems to have noticed so I’l just keep quiet about that :-)

I’m pleased to say that this month we were able to publish the new Recipe Leaflets and Booklets page (Section F page 6). This page had a major overhaul with almost every item being rescanned and increased in size. It now includes 59 recipe leaflets - 18 of which appear for the first time - and 12 recipe booklets (2 of which are new). Additional variations of some of the individual recipe leaflets have been discovered with full details and close-ups in the notes section as usual.

Great to confirm we have already heard back from a keen collector who has identified another variation on a leaflet from within their own collection… when I looked at the page in detail I saw that this difference is actually present on the new page but I just didn’t spot it… I will update the notes with details in due course, in the meantime I wonder if anyone else can spot it!

This month also saw a couple of minor updates to the Enamel Signs, Billboards, Vouchers and Price Cards. The Golly Guide itself is becoming rather Encyclopaedic now as we go through each item carefully and update each page in detail. This work does take time so we appreciate your patience as we work through it all (and try to have a life at the same time - lol). Having said that, it is only 18 months since we launched the subscription based online Golly Guide, and in that time we have managed over 50 updates to take us from v3.0.0 to v3.3.14 so I’m quite pleased about that.

This month I hope to complete the update to page 7 Section F before moving onto the final two pages (5 and 11). We have a significant number of new items for one of these later pages… after the discovery of a highly significant scrapbook in the Jerry Loader collection dating back to around 1910, I won’t bore you with the details yet though… watch this space! If anyone has any unlisted items for the final few pages in Section F that we are working on, please do let us know.

Finally, to all those who have yet to discover the delights which exist inside the Golly Guide now is a great time to subscribe, following the recent price drop in June to only £12 per year (PayPal subscription and internet connection required). This is by far the most comprehensive record of genuine Robertson’s Golly items ever assembled. All organised into relevant sections, covering many thousands of items, all in full colour with detailed notes and close up details ... if anyone needs any assistance please let me know.


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That's all for this month...

See you next month for another update!