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FB Golly Update 1-MAY-19

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UPDATE No. 33.

Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 1-May-19… 


Welcome to all new collectors this month. Great to see the membership of this Facebook group continue to climb. For those new members looking for more information on badges and pendants, the printed Golly Checklist is still available to buy from the official website: www.gollychecklist.co.uk/shop

For information on the thousands of other official items produced by Robertson’s, the Golly Guide is the place! This is an online subscription based Guide, see the above link for further details.

April was a slow month for updates to the Golly Guide due to my computer issues. These have now been resolved and I have a 240GB Solid State Drive to boot from and use as additional RAM when required... in plain English that basically means my machine is a lot faster which is a great result. Despite only two updates being made this month, one of these was the remarkable original artwork for the early Golly postcard. If you missed this check out Section F page 8a to see this exceptional discovery. (Many thanks to the proud owner of this item for allowing us to include the images in the Guide for the benefit of all collectors. We have agreed to respect your anonymity... but you know who you are!)


The only other update this month was the page 1 in Section F which covers Robertson’s Stationery items (envelopes, letterheads, compliment slips and invoices). Personally I like the headed note paper. I am already aware of one further design which needs to be included ... I will try and track it down over the next few weeks to see if we can get a better scan of it. We have purposely not numbered each letterhead individually because we expect more to be reported in future. If anyone has any designs not shown please do let us know.


This month is also the first anniversary of the Golly Guide! Since we launched on 27-May-18 we have made 34 separate updates to the Guide. This includes new items of tableware, tokens, glassware, showcards, games... providing lots more detail on the military medal cards, updating all the enamel signs... completely reformatting all 12 pages in Section B covering Shop Items, cataloguing all SLC Badges for the first time and reformatting half of the pages in Section F (the rest of Section F currently in progress). We are particularly pleased with the significant amount of extra detail we have been able to provide in respect of:

  1. A special promotion in connection with the Scouts (see the link from the Page showing white waistcoat Scout Badges)
  2. A copyright infringement by Arista Records (see link in Section Q)
  3. All Sunday Lunch Club Badges ever produces (see link in Section W)
  4. Bus Tickets showing Robertsons adverts (see Section F page 10)

We have also shown images, for the first time ever, of a number of notable items including the thistle Jelly Mould item [DG3], the early piano sugar bowl [D12], ski slope cheesedish [D14], the Gaunt specials and photos from the presentation of the Golden Golly statuette to the winner (see Viota pages in 1980’s acrylic badges page).


Some of this new material was discovered from our analysis of the contents of the Jerry Loader collection, but much has also been provided from leading collectors who have reported new items and continue to keep us informed of their discoveries... we are very grateful for this. There is still a significant amount of work to be done in updating the Golly Guide going forward and we look forward to sharing this with you.


The Golly Guide in its current form was borne out of a conversation between Colin and myself over 5 years ago. It has been 4 years in the making, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the financial support of the subscribers whose fees contribute towards the hosting costs and professional web designers fees. As some of these initial setup and infrastructure costs have now been covered we are pleased to announce a significant reduction in the annual subscription fee of over 50% to only £12 per year! This reduction will take place from 27-May-19 for all new subscribers or on renewal date for all existing subscribers.


As a special thank you to those early adopters who have subscribed to the Golly Guide in year one, we will be producing a limited edition poster signed by both myself and Colin. This poster will feature one of the most desirable Robertson’s badges ever produced and will be sent out in the first week in June (the poster that is... not the badge!). This will be a strictly limited edition, each poster will be individually hand numbered and the only way to get hold of a copy will be through a subscription to the Golly Guide. For those who would like a poster but who haven’t subscribed yet you have until 26-May-19 to do so!


The original idea for the current form of the Golly Guide was to provide all collectors with access to the latest information as soon as it is published, from any internet connected device. We are pleased that we have been able to achieve this and the updates will carry on for some time as we continue to reformat it, Section-by-Section, and include all newly discovered items as we go.


Thanks for all your support, reports and comments which have helped us get this far... we have a number of initiatives in the pipeline and look forward to sharing these with you in the coming months and years.


That's all for this month...