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FB Golly Update 1-JUN-19

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UPDATE No. 34.

Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 1-Jun-19… 

The main news this month is the price reduction of the online Golly Guide. As the majority of our initial setup costs have now been covered we are pleased to be able to grant access to all subscribers from only £12 per month. The complimentary poster which I promised last month is now ready to be sent out and start to be posted to yr1 subscribers from this week. 

I have gone on about it enough recently so I won’t carry on telling those who haven’t subscribed yet about the tens of thousands of full colour images and hundreds of pages of details on every official Robertson’s Golly item known to exist... that would just get boring. Suffice to say it’s £12 per year. PayPal subscription required. To join visit:


After a slow month of Golly updates in April (due to computer issues), things have picked up a bit in May. In fact there have been 7 official updates this month including:

  • v3.2.17 a new paper bag and the earliest tin sign known to exist
  • v3.2.18 Section F Page 2 (other Robertson’s Paperwork) completely updated
  • v3.2.19 a new pocket calendar from 1941 and various items of Robertson’s Company Accounts [F6]
  • v3.2.20 a new paper application form
  • v3.2.21 a new page showing al pages of the 1977 Chairman’s Report
  • v3.2.22 a new original badge card and a prototype card with a unique Golly related prototype item attached
  • v3.2.23 images of original artwork by Nigel Milton of Golly hot air balloons.

Surprisingly, despite decades of cataloguing items, here has been quite a few new items, and the most remarkable thing is that five of these were only discovered in the last month! We have fitted them into the relevant sections (B and or F) whilst we are working on them to avoid (or at least minimise) any future rework.

There are still 4 further pages in Section F which we have to overhaul before moving onto another section. Work on those will continue next week.

A collector has contacted me recently asking if they can obtain access to the Golly Guide without PayPal (as they don’t have paypal). After considering this I have agreed to accept payment by cheque or direct bank transfer and I will manually set up an account in their name. If anyone else is in a similar position please let me know. The cost of a manually activated subscription will be £15.

A note on GDPR: we take your data seriously. All access to the Golly Guide is performed on a dedicated secure server. Any payments are taken through PayPal (or direct methods as above). We DO NOT hold any bank or credit card details. We only hold the minimum information necessary to allow access and get in touch in case of problems. This means we only hold your email address and postal address. For those who cancel their subscription, we completely erase any data we hold about you within a week of your access being cancelled. If you later wish to gain access you will have to ‘re-subscribe’.

As usual, if anyone discovers any new or interesting bits for us to consider please let us know. We have a considerable archive of items which we are working through methodically in order to update the Guide. The updates are expected to continue for some time before we move back into the badges.

That's all for this month...

See you next month for another update!