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FB Golly Update 1-APR-19

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UPDATE No. 32.


Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 1-Apr-19… 

Nice to see Spring is well on its way. Winter wasn’t quite as cold or snowy as in previous years but it’s always nice to see the longer days arrive.

March saw Golly Guide updates off to a flying start with weekly updates covering:

  1. A new paper bag and price card listed on 1-Mar-19
  2. Unofficial postcard page published on 8-Mar-19
  3. Some new postcards added to the official page on 14-Mar-19
  4. A new image of the rare Prewar golfer bus ticket published on 15-Mar-19
  5. Finally a new price card, price list and grocery voucher published on 22-Mar-19

All was on track to see some more significant pages in Section F through to completion such as the Robertson’s Company Stationery or Recipe Leaflets until disaster struck. My MacBook suffered a ram failure and all work has now ground to a halt until further notice. Well not quite ALL work, just the Golly Guide updates... our Research continue to try and dig up new and interesting items. This month saw us get a 6-page feature in the Transport Ticket Society’s monthly newsletter dedicated to Golly bus tickets! This has already paid dividends with a number of new bus tickets with Golly adverts on being identified by their members. The attached images show some of the pages from the TTS magazine. Although this is a niche area for collectors it’s nice to be able to catalogue it a little more fully.


So with the computer out of action it will be a slow start to April but I’m still contactable on email via my iPhone so now is a great time to check through your collections and report any new items you may find. Another postcard has already been reported in, which we will add as soon as we are back online. As usual you can contact us at the official Golly Checklist email address:


That's all for this month...

See you next month for another update!