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FB Golly Update 1-MAR-19

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UPDATE No. 31.


Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 1-Mar-19… 


(Short Glossary of terms for new members:

  1. The ‘SLC’ stands for the Sunday Lunch Club. This is the name given to the regular meeting of like minded golly collectors from this group. Meetings have been held annually over the past three years although the club has been going for nearly 20 years).
  2. The ‘Golly Guide’ is an online subscription based tool which contains the largest and most complete record of all official Robertson’s items ever attempted. It continues to grow as we discover new items and its updated regularly so subscribers always have access to the latest information. It contains over 10,000 full colour images covering many thousands of items. The Golly Guide is accessed by an annual subscription of £26p.a. through the official Golly Checklist website:  www.gollychecklist.co.uk
  3. The Golly Checklist is a handy printed reference containing lists of all official Golly badges and pendants known to exist with detailed notes on rarity, history, how to spot the fakes, caring for your badges and more… extending to over 100 pages. Available for £20 + p&p direct from me or via the official website. 


February seemed to come and go pretty fast this year… the weather probably had something to do with it! I remember struggling to get into work this time last year! The Golly Guide updates are underway once again, and over the past month we have been pleased to share updates on more pages in Section F covering greetings cards, bus tickets, original badge cards, calendars, billboards and the first page covering postcards. I’m hoping to complete the second postcard page in the next fortnight but in the meantime I’m pleased to announce two new items which have been reported in this week…


The first is a new paper bag, item [B10.A-4c] see Section B page 4, whilst the second is an early Price Card item [B3i h 2lb] see Section B page 2. The price card fills in the gap for an item which we long expected to exist but the Paper Bag was much more of a surprise. It was the first time that such a paper bag has ever been reported, the interesting thing about it was… … actually, I don’t want to spoil the surprise so I’ll let you discover more about it in the Golly Guide (further notes and detailed images can be seen at the bottom of Section B page 4).


Plenty of images are still lined up for processing in Section F so that will keep me busy for a good part of March. As always, if anyone has any feedback on any of the content in the Golly Guide or wants to report any new items please do let me know by emailing info@gollychecklist.co.uk





Nice to see that preparations are underway for the 2019 SLC. If you haven’t been to one before, its a good chance to meet like minded collectors in an informal setting with the opportunity to buy/sell/swap as you wish. I plan to be there with a batch of printed Golly Checklists for any new members who would like a copy… but if you can’t wait until then you can get one by contacting me direct. The latest batch has now been reprinted so if anyone would like one please let me know. 


That's all for this month...


See you next month for another update!