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FB Golly Update 1-AUG-19

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UPDATE No. 36.

Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 1-Aug-19… 

This month I’ve taken a bit of a break from Golly related activities so there has been few updates. I have tweaked a few pages here and there and added some extra detail but nothing major so I didn’t announce it. I wonder if anyone spotted the Employees handbook for Bristol [F9] which now accompanies the ones for Paisley and Catford. These were reported in by a member whose father started working for Robertsons in the 1930’s. 

The same member also sent in a copy of a Bristol invoice from 1916 which featured all four factories on reverse, this particular design was then further revised in 1927… as shown in the Notes on page 1 in Section F.

Amongst other items of interest she has been keenly inspecting her Fattorini Standards as seen in the attached images (reproduced with permission). The collector confirms: 

Here are a set of Fattorini white waistcoat standards, most appear run of the mill, but there are a few anomalies (which I’m sure you’ll have seen) that I could not see in the guide.

Pic#       Backstamp         Die         Notes

#2          Type 5a                Die B

#3          Type 2                  Die A

#4          Type 2                  Die A

#5          Type 2                  Die A

#6           Type 4a               Die A     Stubby foot

#7           Type 4a               Die A    

#8           Type 4a               Die A     Stubby Foot        Gold Lapel

#9          Type 4a                Die A     Stubby Foot        Gold Lapel

#10        Type 2                   Die B                                 Gold Lapel           Stamp opposite direction of other type 2s here


  • #6, #8 & #9 have a stubby right (or should that be Golly’s left) foot rather than pointed
  • #8, #9 & #10 have a gold upper right (Golly’s left) lapel; solid, not unenamelled
  • #10 looks like a die B badge (deeper bow tie, narrow/wide mouth & smaller leg gap), but the guide only has that with an F&S backstamp

Great to see another member going over their badges in detail and reporting their findings… this level of input will be useful when we come round to updating the badges in future. Thank you to that member!


That's all for this month...


See you next month for another update!