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Welcome to the Golly Auction!

The safe place to buy and sell all Robertson’s Golly items at auction with confidence.

There has been significant disruption in the Golly market over recent years. Ever since eBay’s decision in August 2015 to ban the sale of Golly items worldwide, this wonderful hobby has struggled to find a new home. Genuine golly items are still offered for sale at a number of outlets, but none have been embraced by collectors in quite the same way as eBay was. This has left the many thousands of collectors who pursue this hobby without a central marketplace to view, trade and enjoy it.

To fill this void, the team at the Golly Checklist have linked up with the Robertson’s Badge Club facebook group to provide all collectors with a new place to buy and sell. This new facebook group is called the Robertson’s Badge Club – BUY, SELL & AUCTION. All genuine collectors welcome. The new facebook group site will host all fixed price listings whilst the Golly Checklist website will host monthly auctions for higher valued items (of £30+)… and you can rest assured that both places will ONLY list genuine Robertson’s Golly badges and Ephemera (no need to to worry about any fakes or reproductions here!).

The intention of setting up this Golly Auction is simple: to provide a safe central marketplace for buyers and sellers to trade their items. The costs and effort of trying to replicate an auction site like eBay are significant so we will start small with the intention of reinvesting all commissions to enhance the service. This auction will be held monthly to finish on the last Saturday of every month.

The Robertson’s Golly is one of the UK’s most successful mascots, created purely and simply to sell Jam. Despite decades of researching the many thousands of items produced by Robertson’s we have yet to find a single one that portrays this cheerful character in a negative light. We abhor racism in all it’s forms and if we felt this hobby had anything to do with racism we would have nothing further to do with it.

Thanks for supporting the Golly Auction and good luck with your bids.

From all at the Golly Auction