Auction Terms And Conditions


This auction is designed for higher valued items that the Golly Auction Team estimate to have a final value in excess of £30. To provide you with the most complete information to assist you with your bidding, each item offered for sale will be accompanied with a genuine description, the Golly Checklist reference number, our assessment of the condition, confirmation of the reserve price and an indication of the estimated sale price (the Guide price). The condition of any badges will be graded using the following scale:



10.0 Mint Condition. Pristine example, no flaws visible even under 2x magnification.
Very few items will ever achieve this rating.
9.0 - 9.9 Excellent Condtion. Trivial flaws seen only with close scrutiny.
No chips, stress marks or corrosion. May have very light surface marks under magnification.
Many items people call 'mint' will actually more likely fall into this category. Straight original pin.
8.0 - 8.9 Very Good Condition. Trivial flaws visible to the naked eye.
May include light surface marks, minor scratches (less than 2mm) or a single fleabite chip.
Trivial evidence of stress marks may be seen.
7.0 - 7.9 Good Condition. Some minor damage but quite acceptable. Light stress marks or light scratches
to enamel may be present.
5.0 - 6.9 Average Condition. Damage evident. No enamel loss but may have significant stress marks,
a single large chip or scratch. Considered collectable until a better example comes along.
3.0 - 4.9 Poor Condition. Damage very evident. Example includes multiple heavy stress marks,
multiple large chips or areas of enamel loss or multiple deep scratches. Limited collectability.
0.1 - 2.9 Very Poor Condition. Very extensively damaged. Metal detector type find. Almost no collectability.
Very little original enamel in place, significant corrosion. Such badges are not expected to
feature in the Golly Auction.
UNGRADED Covers items which have clearly been restored, re-enamelled or altered in some way so as to make
any grading relating to the original condition of the item irrelevant.

Collectors can expect to find the majority of badges in ‘Average’ to ‘Very Good’ condition. Badges in ‘Poor’ or 'Very Poor' condition provide the opportunity to own a badge at the lowest price, many collectors are happy to do this until a better example can be found. The condition of a badge will be the main determinant of its value. Other factors include rarity and general market forces. Further information on valuation of badges and pendants can be found in the printed Golly Checklist only available from


To bid in the current auction and pay the lowest fees you will need to hold a current paid subscription to the Golly Guide. Subscriptions can be taken out at the online shop. Once subscribed, simply 'Sign in' to your account by clicking the 'Sign In / Register' button on the top left hand corner of any page on this website. Once you have signed in, the links on the top left will change to show 'My Account    Sign Out' as shown below:
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'Sign In / Register' link 'My Account    Sign Out' link

To bid in the auction without subscribing to the Golly Guide you will need to create an account using the Register link shown above. Once you have Registered your email address and details you will be able to bid in any current auction which is running but please note you will be subject to additional fees and won't have access to the detailed information on the 1,000’s of items in the Robertson’s Golly Guide. If you forget your password you should select ''Sign In / Register' followed by 'Forgot Password'. For security reasons the Golly Auction Team nor the Golly Checklist Team have access to any passwords.

Bidding by post of via email is no longer permitted. If you are having problems Signing In or Registering please get in touch using the contact form (or emailing us direct at and we will assist you.
1. A Reserve price is shown for all lots. The Reserve is the minimum amount the item will sell for.
All auctions will start at £1. You may bid less than the Reserve but the item will not sell until the Reserve has been realised.
2. In the event of a ‘tie’ the first bid to be made will get priority. Please bid carefully. All bids are legally binding and once placed they cannot be retracted.
3. An 'incremental bidding' system is in place. If a new bid exceeds the current highest bid by more than the prescribed increment, the new highest bid will be reduced to one increment more than the penultimate one. Bid increments are shown below:
      Bid Increments Increment applies...  
      £1 for bids between £1 and £50  
      £2 for bids between £50.01 - £100  
      £5 for bids between £100.01 - 200  
      £10 for bids between £200.01 - £500  
      £20 for bids between £500.01 - 1000  
      £50 for bids between £1000.01 - no maximum  
4. A 'soft close' bidding system is in place. If a bid is received on any item within the last 5 minutes of the auction, the end time is extended by 5 minutes from the time of the final bid. A further five minute extension is added every time a further bid is placed. The auction closes when no further bids have been received within five minutes of the final bid. This mimics the situation of a real-life auction house where the bidding continues until one bidder remains and avoids the problems of snipers and automatic bidding software associated with other well known online auction houses. A count down timer is shown on each item with the remaining time left.
5. Bids can only be made in whole pounds.
6. A 16% commission will be added to successful bids to cover all costs. This will be reduced to 8% commission for those bidders who hold a paid subscription to the online Golly Guide by midnight on the evening before the auction opens.
7. Items will only be sent out once cleared payment in full is received. Payment to be made by Paypal ‘friends and family’ or direct bank transfer. Cheques also accepted but with associated clearing times. Payment details will be sent with invoice at the end of the auction.
8. Postage and packaging will be added at cost price. All items will be posted out by Special Delivery.
9. Proof of posting is always obtained.


1. This auction is designed for higher valued badges. The Golly Auction Team will only include those items in the auction which they estimate to have a final value in excess of £30. 


When sending any badges in to the Golly Auction please list the badges you are selling with descriptions and reserve prices.


A 16% commission will be taken from successful sales to cover all costs. This will be reduced to 8% commission for those bidders who hold a paid subscription to the online Golly Guide by midnight on the evening before the auction opens.


Unsold items will be returned after the auction with payment for those sold. Special Delivery return postage costs will apply to any item which doesn't sell.

Collectors are advised to obtain a copy of the Golly Checklist for details on rarity and detailed notes on each badge.

Please note: The Golly Guide and associated images are copyright and may not be copied or reproduced without permission of the authors.
Anyone found to be in breach of this copyright shall be pursued to the maximum extent permitted in law.

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