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UPDATE No. 27.

Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 1-NOV-18…



The update to Section B in the Golly Guide has been live for two weeks now. Since that time we have received numerous reports from collectors about several new items as well as information on dimensions and replacement images.

I will collate all these comments and provide a single update to this section in the next few days. As usual, thanks to all contributors for your continued input and support. This section is now more complete than ever, with over 260 individual items listed.

To those who haven’t subscribed to the Golly Guide yet, if you would like to review the existing content of this Section along with the thousands of other items you can subscribe at the official Golly Checklist website:



The subscription cost is currently £26pa for the first year, with a significant reduction for future renewals.


I will be taking a short break from Golly bits for a couple of weeks. When I come back I will be taking a closer look at Section F (Misc Paper Ephemera). We have already got lots of new items for consideration in this section. In fact only last week a new Robertson’s Christmas card was reported by a member on this Facebook Group. If you have any new bits now would be a great time to report them into us. This section includes:

+ Robertson’s company stationery (letterheads, envelopes, invoices....)

+ Military Medals Cards (updated recently)

+ Blotters

+ Recipe Leaflets

+ Recipe Booklets

+ Postcards

+ Bus Tickets

+ Greetings Cards



A group member recently asked me to confirm what the exact process is for adding new variations into the checklist (specifically in relation to the badges). As this question has been raised a number of times I thought it would be best to address it here for the benefit of all members... the simple answer is there is no ‘exact process’. Each report is recorded and considered at the next time we review the relevant section. The beauty of this hobby is that it is not a binary activity. Whilst the number of ‘official Golly Checklist variations’ is clearly recorded in the checklist it is well known that there are further differences across badges in all eras whether it is the colour shades, backstamp orientation, thickness of metal around the edge, colour errors, stamping errors etc etc... these are expanded on in the relevant notes but attempting to include even a subset of them in the existing checklist would result in a central listing which was confusing, unmanageable and off putting to new collectors. It may well have a place in a separate document which expands on the existing information but that is some way off and depends on a very large database of images to analyse. I accept the point that the existing tables could contain some blank cells to allow collectors to record their own additional items and this is certainly something we will consider. But for now, as we’ve said previously, our focus is on bringing the remaining Golly Guide content up to date.


That's all for this month...


See you next month for the next update!