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FB Golly Update 1-SEP-19

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UPDATE No. 37.

Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 1-Sep-19… 

This month the updates to the Golly Guide saw a major update early in the month followed by a number of smaller tweaks towards the end whilst we continue to work on the recipe leaflets and booklets (Section F page 6). 

The main update was a complete overhaul of Section W. This section, which is now focussed on the badges and activities of this very group (in the form of the Sunday Lunch Club), was updated in time for the Sunday Lunch Club meeting which took place on 10th and 11th of August. The meeting itself was a great success with over £1,000 raised for Bloodwise. Congratulations to all involved. A number of new SLC badges were available to attendees on the day and full details of all of these items are now recorded in section W (accessed from the ‘Ephemera and Collectibles’ link on the main page of the Golly Guide).

Also included this month were larger, clearer images of all known Plastic Golly Badges with an image of the reverse of each design (where available) shown for the first time. There are still a number required in this section so we wait to hear from any collectors who may have those.

The balloon badges also came in for a bit of attention. We look forward to updating all images in that section in due course. Thanks to Graham Walker for photographing his balloon badges extensively, we will work through those when we can. A new shop item was also discovered [B23b] and further images added in a couple of other sections. The ‘Version History’ page helps you to quickly review all updates made.

In the course of our research from the Jerry Loader collection we have a significant amount of items to add to the remaining pages in Section F which we will share with all subscribers as soon as we can. These will be full resolution high quality colour images with close ups showing relevant detail as necessary. In addition we have received reports of a number of new items for sections B and F. As these items previously sold at auction and are currently not available to re-photo, sadly these images are not great but we will be able to update the details in the relevant pages in the hope that one day someone provides a clearer scan of these items. I have attached a selection of what has been found. They include three new price cards, a new Mincemeat recipe, and confirmation of the existence of some other price cards (and the rare spinning game [G50]). These will be added to the Guide in due course. 

If anyone has any unlisted items for the final few pages in Section F that we are working on, please do let us know (pages 5, 6, 7 and 11).

Finally, to all those who have yet to discover the delights which exist inside the Golly Guide you have a treat in store! This is by far the most comprehensive record of genuine Robertson’s Golly items ever assembled. All organised into relevant sections, covering many thousands of items, all in full colour with detailed notes and close up details ... and all for only £12 per year!

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That's all for this month...

See you next month for another update!

Below: New Price Card [B3ic]