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UPDATE No. 30.


Monthly update on progress of the Golly reference material and other topics for 1-Feb-19… 


(For the benefit of new collectors to the group, there is an active project underway to update and overhaul every section in the Golly Guide. This is the largest and most complete record of official Robertson’s items ever attempted and continues to grow as we discover new items. The benefit of a digital online guide is that as each section is being brought up to date we can immediately share this information with all collectors (who subscribe) so everyone can have access to the latest information as soon as it goes live. The Golly Guide is accessed by an annual subscription through the official Golly Checklist website:    www.gollychecklist.co.uk    The Guide itself contains thousands of full colour images and records all known genuine Robertson’s golly items as far as possible, with extensive notes on rarity, variations and any other bits of interest. It goes well beyond badges and pendants and covers over 20 further categories of items. A significant part of this has been the discovery and purchase of the contents of one of the leading collections - the “Jerry Loader Collection” which contains many previously unknown items).


Following the Christmas break I took the opportunity to scour the JL collection for further new items of Paper Ephemera relating to Section F. As with the update to section B previously, the intention is to break F down into more pages in order to give a bit more detail on the sort of things we have found.


The downside of this extra detail is the additional time it takes to create/edit/update the new pages. It might have appeared fairly quiet on the Golly Guide front in January but behind the scenes there has been a lot going on. Take Postcards for example, the existing pages showed 25 Robertson’s related postcards... some with Golly on, some without... some issued directly by Robertson’s, some issued elsewhere but with Robertson’s permission... some were more like early photographs of historic events which were made into postcards (such as Robertson’s themed floats at carnivals). It was expected that there were more out there but we didn’t expect to triple this number following the request earlier this month for collectors to report any new postcards! We’re still working on the postcard pages but I look forward to sharing that with you in a couple of weeks.


In the meantime, the first new page is ready to share: Section F page 10 covering Greetings Cards [F81], Bus Tickets [F82] and original badge cards [F83]. Along with this we also have an additional page showing Bus Tickets in Detail which has the front and reverse of every bus ticket with golly advert on which is know to exist. Take a look and let us know what you think, and as ever, if anyone has any new items for this page do let us know and we will add it to the content.



(The SLC is the name given to the regular meeting of like minded golly collectors from this group. Meetings have been held annually over the past three years).

The past two SLC’s have been the launch event for the latest Golly Checklist (version 7) in 2017 and the new digital Golly Guide (v3.0.0) in 2018. There was quite a bit of content to discuss and the event took the format of a slideshow presentation in 2017 and a one-to-one hands on discussion in 2018. This year we do not have any new material so to speak, other than the regular updates which take place to the Golly Guide. So I propose not to have an SLC purely on our behalf. 

Having said that, there are quite a number of new members recently and it is always good to meet up and chat and there might be some members who are prepared to talk about some of the specifics of their own collections or areas where they specialise. Or others who want to meet up to buy/sell/swap. If the consensus is to hold an SLC I would certainly do my best to attend and bring along a number of copies of the Golly Checklist for new members to view/purchase and I can also give an overview of the Golly Guide.

Interested to hear your thoughts.


That's all for this month...

See you next month for the next update!

Image below shows a selection of the Robertsons greetings cards in the Golly Guide